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The New Normal


Boom! 💥

Seemingly overnight, the term ‘NFT’ went from being a crypto keyword to a household phrase, and we for one couldn’t be more excited about it. The blockchain backed certificates have long been a way of validating and monetising the work of digital artists – among many other things. Their design and use, mark important changes in disempowering gatekeepers and ensuring transparency in the arts, in a massive push for increased accessibility. While the newfound attention has thrust the industry and tech to centre stage, with critical eyes abound, we believe in the strength and the staying power of the digital arts and economies, which is why we curated and produced the worlds first ever art fair that accepted payments through Bitcoin, six years ago.

And it’s why we’ve been developing our digital presence, with projects we’re excited to roll out in the coming months. Watch this space for upcoming exhibition news, artist collaborations, and interviews with the people behind the platforms. This might seem completely new to many – but from street art, to ready-mades and larger market trends, there’s a lot to learn from the past to set the course in, what for us, is not so new territory.

Welcome to the new normal… for the digital world, at least.

Dobie Campbell

Dave Morrow