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Banksy — Bristol Statue Proposal
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Re-launch and Re-focus: Reflections on 2020


Twenty-twenty has proven to be a difficult year thus far. Everyone has been touched by the global health pandemic and racial inequality protests in a myriad of ways, which has acted as a catalyst for what feels like widespread upheaval. In a world with little stability, the rules and regulations seem to be changing on a daily basis. That being said, the arts community has consistently demonstrated its resiliency, forging paths forward that are bright and continuous, proving the creative industries are alive and well.

In our own commitment to our audience and as part of the Moniker Projects re-launch, we’re excited to release written weekly news features, helmed by our new Editorial Manager, Sarah Forman. Education and understanding is paramount to the strength of the art market, which is why we’re here to keep you informed on who you’re collecting, why they matter, and what they’re working on. Now that we’re back online, you can browse our ‘News’ section to read up on KAWS’s foray into the digital, why Bridget Riley is an important figure in studio classrooms and more, with regular content uploaded to keep you up to date and armed with the intel.

We’re very much looking forward to continue growing the site, the business, and your collection with you – here’s to positive reform and a brighter future for all of us.