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Hixxy — Mural for Bentham Road Canal Underpass for Thamesmead Canal Mural Programme
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Moniker Projects Announces Thamesmead Canal Commission


Moniker Projects is excited to announce the launch of the Thamesmead Canal Mural Programme this week. Commissioned by Peabody as a part of its wider cultural programme, the project will include artworks on eight underpasses, connecting Thamesmead’s seven kilometre network of picturesque canals. The murals will be created by internationally established artists Louis Masai, Jo Peel, Hixxy, Xenz and local artist Paige Denham, chosen via open call. The murals will feature the area’s wildlife and natural inhabitants in an ode to its original residents. These new additions to the canals will be accompanied by way-finding signs to help navigate the various cultural points of interest and the five large lakes in the area.

A part of a broader investment in Thamesmead, Peabody is planning on building 20,000 new homes in this unique part of London. This commission is just one of many initiatives to further highlight the creative efforts of this South-East neighbourhood. In anticipation of our role in this project, over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing several articles on related topics, mining the involved artists’ insights to better understand their approach to the project and how large-scale works like this come together.