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Mark McClure
Jo Peel
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Modernist Architectural Models from Jo Peel and Mark McClure


An exhibition from Jo Peel and Mark McClure titled Until Further Notice is set to open September 11th at Ben Oakley Gallery here in London. Peel’s cityscapes combine with McClure’s modernist abstractions on several new collaborative pieces for the duo. “First Mark hand printed the coloured elements and then he sent them to my studio where I added the line work,” Peel explained, with McClure leaning toward “landscape” abstractions for Peel to draw into.

The idea came from working on the same venture Living Walls at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which was curated and produced by Moniker Projects in 2014. “We’ve chatted about doing a show together for a few years, since Living Walls, but it’s never quite happened,” McClure told us. “So when Ben Oakley Gallery offered us the space for a show – we were ready to go and already had a good idea of how it could work. Despite our practises being almost polar opposites – there’s a large overlap in our interests and the kind of things we draw inspiration from – architectural structures and shapes, regeneration, construction – so it’s an interesting meeting of styles.”

Like other artists and galleries, putting on a show in Covid London came with its challenges. “The plans we’d originally had were for something more involved and immersive – but it was hard to gauge where to put our energies for a show that wasn’t guaranteed to happen,” McClure says. Not to be dismayed, Peel draws on some positives from lockdown, saying, “It did give us a really good opportunity to focus on some new work, and it’s going to be really nice to exhibit work in a real space after all this time.”

From the walls of the world to that of the gallery, this new collaboration of screen prints, paintings and one-of wood pieces combine strong graphics with architectural prowess. If you can’t make it to the show this Friday, works will be available for purchase online.