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KAWS — WHAT PARTY (Grey), 2020
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KAWS’s recently rolled out a series of seven new Michelin Man Chum screenprints, issuing a purchasing invitation for those on his mailing list. The editions of 100 were marked at $8,000 USD each, with the potential to bring in over $6.7 million dollars for the artist. Seven colourways and 20 Artist Proofs adds up to one pretty penny for the WHAT PARTY works.

An original acrylic paintings from the series, was first sold at the 2019 FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris, listed through his gallery Skarstedt, which has represented the artist exclusively since July of last year (after splitting from an 11 year partnership with Perrotin). Sporting a pink figure with Pink background, it was priced at $225,000 USD. Compared to the original works, the screenprints are a good purchase for those who were lucky enough to make it through the inquiry stage – but let there be no doubt, KAWS is comin’ out on top with this new edition.