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KAWS: Not Your Average HOLIDAY


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a hot air balloon project that’s filling the friendly skies with KAWS’s famous COMPANION figure!

Earlier this week Brian launched his newest shtick “KAWS:HOLIDAY”, a project with AllRightsReserved and DDT Store that kicked off here in the UK. It’s a big ol’ hot air balloon that you can buy tickets for, y’know, so you can ride in it, but it’s only available to DDT members. And they’re not being super transparent about where their “next stop” will be. At 42m tall, it’s one of the largest hot-air balloons in the world. And as if KAWS’s companions weren’t invasive enough – with stints in Hong Kong harbour, through virtual variants and the like – he needed to aim higher. Literally. But hey – you can pay for it in cryptocurrency, so that’s something?

Despite the absurdity of the project, the video footage is dreamy as I’ll get out. And between the news and things here at home, the prospect of floating up into the sunset with the rolling British greens stretching for miles below probably isn’t an opportunity I’d pass up. But all things considered, the next holiday I take probably won’t have anything to do with KAWS.

I think Lupe Fiasco said it best… bruh