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KAWS — I Voted for New York Magazine
Shepard Fairey — I Voted for New York Magazine
Barbara Kruger — I Voted for New York Magazine
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KAWS: New AR Work and Polling Partnerships


The American street artist has joined in the campaign to increase voter awareness and get people to the polls with a new augmented reality work for Acute Art and several strategic partnerships. The free piece available through the artist backed mobile app features three rocking figures with the words “VOTE HIM OUT” spread betwixt them. Posted on Instagram earlier this week, KAWS’s promotion of the little pollsters was met with mixed emotions, and saw Trump supporters showing up in the comments to back the President.

Having made his political affiliations clear when it comes to the 2020 election, his other endeavours took on a more neutral tone, aimed at incentivising people to go out and vote – a move that was also greeted with online support for the MAGA man. This month sees KAWS participating in a 48-artist collaboration for New York Magazine and, in which each issue comes with a sticker sheet boasting different, creative ways of advertising casting a ballot. In extending his relationship with the Brooklyn Museum – and in anticipation of his upcoming show in February 2021 – he supported their polling site by supplying them with pins of the same design, a fashion forward call to civic engagement.

Whatever the reactions may be – and wherever the comments may come from – the proliferation of voter oriented artistic initiatives that have come out of this election may set a new precedent for political engagement across the industry. From affordable art fairs and un-editioned works, to pins, posters, and stickers, we suspect this could be an indicator of a potential shift in the market, a move towards a field of work motivated by a message and available to a broader public.