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Damien Hirst Unveils New Exhibition ‘Where the Land Meets the Sea’


Damien Hirst’s exhibition, ‘Where the Land Meets the Sea’ opened last Thursday at Phillips, London. Featuring paintings from Hirst’s recent Coast Paintings, Sea Paintings and Seascapes series, the exhibition showcases a selection of work that has not previously been exhibited.

‘Where the Land Meets the Sea’ evokes Hirst’s pastime of walking on the beach and watching the sea, most recently in the UK during the winter. For these works, Hirst draws influence from Abstract Expressionism, specifically Robert Motherwell’s ‘Beside the Sea’ paintings from the 1960s.
 Expanding on the tenets of the iconic ‘Cherry Blossom’ and developed in parallel to these, the works are a joyous continuation of his career long investigation into painting.

Presented by HENI, the exhibition is on view at Phillips’ London galleries on Berkeley Square, and runs from 20 July until 18 August 2023.