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Lucas Price - Sugar Water



Oil on canvas
95cm x 95cm
Signed and dated by the artist



Artist Biography

Contemporary artist Lucas Price, formerly known as Cyclops, blends the traditional and the modern, merging contemporary photorealism with traditional styles and religious iconography.

After being invited to exhibit his works at the Tate Modern in 2008 as part of their exhibition Street Art, Price went on to completed a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art. His photorealist series Way of All Flesh, which previewed in November 2013 at Lazarides Gallery, London, combined Baroque imagery with street art motifs for the viewer to contemplate the role of the art institution and its relationship to commodity cultures in the twenty-first century.

Fascinated by the coexistence of beauty and decay, Price’s work centres around the still life, exploring the possibilities of a single snapshot combining the stillness and harmony of photorealism with the chaos and commotion of urban life, to create an aesthetic which can be mournful and modern. His work brings together image and text, taking stock of the relationship between language, visual culture and the power of art as a fundamental tool for communication.

As well as working as a fine artist, Lucas Price founded the postmodernist menswear label ‘A.Four Labs’ with Tokyo-based designer Kazuki Kuraishi and is currently spearheading the AW21 campaign for the American work-wear fashion brand Carhartt.


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