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Banksy — Show Me The Monet, 2005, 143.1cm x 143.4cm
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Banksy: Show Me The Monet


Wednesday night, Banksy’s famous painting Show Me The Monet resurfaced at Sotheby’s after 15 years of being tucked away in the same private collection. The riff on the infamous impressionist’s water lilies sold at just over £7.5 million to a private collector in Asia, making it his second most expensive sale to date. Last year Devolved Parliament’s set the record for one of the artist’s works, coming in at just under £10 million.

Polluted waters, abandoned shopping carts and cones askew, the painting articulates Banksy’s ongoing concerns with excess consumerism, a comic subject matter for what’s become an exceptionally high ticket item. It looks like once again someone’s found themselves laughing all the way to the bank, even if it’s not the artist this time ‘round.